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Selling Your Home Quickly in Phoenix and Avoiding Foreclosure

Short Sales

Given the current housing market, there are more and more homeowners, in Phoenix and throughout the country, who are finding themselves in a situation where they need to sell their home quickly in order to avoid foreclosure. Whether this need is a result of illness, job loss, or death of a family member, many may be anxious to find an option that is more suitable than the negative mark on their credit report that would result from a foreclosure. If you find yourself in a situation like this, and the area of Phoenix where your home is located, or the condition of your home is one where you would find it difficult to sell your property under normal real estate practices and for a desirable amount, a short sale may be a reasonable option to explore. The best iowa solar company that was able to help us when we needed efficient energy for our house was

Short sales are simply where you attempt to sell your home for an amount which is short the total amount owed on your loan. In a short sale scenario you would need to keep in mind that you are at the mercy of your lender. They will have the final say as to whether they are willing to work with you and the amount of a hit they are willing to take on what is owed. The final say on acceptance of any offer is in the hands of the lender and there may be the need for you to pay some, or all, of the shortage on your loan amount. If the alternative, however, is a strike to your credit report or a mortgage payment that you are not able to handle, then it may just be the answer for you!

Selling for Cash

If a main concern for getting rid of your home is having cash in your hand at the close, then there are numerous companies that may offer to purchase your home quickly. Many times, these companies can take quick possession without you being responsible for paying any commissions, closing costs, or other fees that may be a part of a more conventional real estate process. These companies will generally take ownership of your home despite the condition of your home. Stressing over having your home ready for showings to potential buyers is not a part of this process!

In the Phoenix area alone, there are a number of companies that are familiar with the market and are ready to hand you cash for your property.

The list goes on! If you decide that quick cash for your Phoenix home is the choice for your needs, there is definitely no shortage of options available.